First here are the FAQ (these are questions that I frequently ask myself):

*Why is Toronto so great? Wouldn’t you rather talk about a truly great city, like New York or London?

Good question. It’s great because I live here. If I ever live in either New York or London, they will be more great by association.

*I am coming to Toronto for only two days, what should I do?

Good question. I am working on a special page covering that very topic, so if you are coming for one day or seven days, you are out of luck.

*I sent you an email weeks ago and you never responded, what’s up?

Good question. The truth is, I actually don’t know how to work a computer. I get my cat to run this blog for me, and that bastard probably just lost your email.

*I made a recipe from your website and it didn’t work out, what should I do?

You should probably kill yourself.

*What does your singing voice sound like?

Good question. Imagine a mix of Janis Joplin, that chick who sings “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” and the sound your coffee grinder makes when it’s grinding pennies.

*What is your favourite brand of sunglasses?

Good question. I prefer to grace my face with something I call “Gas Station Aviators,” which are glasses you buy while on a long road trip making a run at a roadside stop to fuel up on coffee and cheese sticks. These are not only the most stylish sunglasses you can possibly buy, they are a smart purchase if you can only manage to hang on to new sunglasses in the time it takes to curse at a random stranger.

*What are your measurements?

Good question. I am a Canadian, so they are generally metric, as god intended.

*Why is your hair so messy? Can’t you be bothered to style it?


*What kind of music do you listen to?

Good question. I only listen to the national anthem. If I am out and other music is playing on the speakers I stopper my ears and hum the national anthem loudly for the benefit of those nearby.


Seriously, though:

I am a Canadian, and a nomad. Toronto is currently my home.

I want to open a window onto the delightful, diverse, and delicious place that Toronto can be, share my fashion and style experiments, and show off my cravings-driven kitchen concoctions. Basically I want to go everywhere, play dress-up every day, and eat crazy-good food.

Wanna chat? Email me – tamanique(at)themaximalistblog(dot)com