DIY! Nail Jewellery Manicure!

Nail Crowns 1

The next big trend in nail art – gold-plated, gilded fingernails.

I’ve always loved nail jewellery even before I knew what it was – I remember, as a kid, piercing one of my longer fingernails with a safety pin so I could stick an earring through it! This DIY makes bejewelled hands MUCH simpler.

Nail Crowns 2

Inspired by this article, I wanted to do a metal nail crown look on the cheap, so I started hunting around in bead stores for a good dupe. This is a really pretty look that is very customizable – I used gold but there are all sort of metal beads that come in silver, black, and other colours.

Here’s what you need:

Nail Crowns 10

  • clear nail polish
  • pliers
  • metal bead caps or other malleable beads, I used these for my fingers and these for my thumbs.

To achieve this fairy rock-star manicure, start by applying a thin base coat of the clear polish. Then, taking the small bead caps:

Nail Crowns 9

Flatten and then bend each one with the pliers so that it matches the shape of your nail.

Nail Crowns 6

Repeat 8-10 times – I wanted something a little different for my thumbs, so I bought some larger beads and pried them apart, broke off one of the clovers with the pliers, and then shaped that to match my thumbnail. (Easier than it sounds.)

Nail Crowns 7

To stick them to your nails, you can use nail glue, but I just stuck to the clear nail polish to do the work. Apply a good dab where you want the jewellery.

Nail Crowns 5

Then apply quickly, before the polish dries!

Nail Crowns 4

Voilà! It’s like your hands are wearing a tiara! No, I’m just kidding. That doesn’t make any sense.

Nail Crowns 3

Princess hands. Now I have my eye on some neon metal shapes to use for my next nail art DIY…

Total cost: around 8 bucks. I had to buy the clear polish, but I already had the pliers!

Do you throw bling at your manicure? Share a photo or a link in the comments!


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