Bright Pink For A Grey Day + Wychwood Farmer’s Market!


Brightest. Sweater. Ever.

Rainy grey days make me want to dress up more than ever for some reason, maybe just to bring a little glitter and glamour and colour!

Wychwood 3

/ sweater, Billabong / jeans, Topshop / socks, Bellerose / shoes, Urban Outfitters /

But as vibrant as that sweater is, I think my hair was the star of this ensemble. Hopefully you’ve heard of Kiesza, the Canadian singer/pop artist; if not check out this amazing video of hers!

I wanted to recreate her signature hairstyle, and I think I did a pretty good job:

Pinkie 2

It’s sort of like a mohawk, but without the commitment of shaving the sides of your head! I might put together a tutorial, it’s actually pretty easy!

On Saturdays we usually hit up one of the farmer’s markets around town, and have come to really love the one at the Wychwood Barns, especially since it’s open year-round! I thought I’d share a few of my fave vendors:

Red Fife

John Rowe Farms Red Fife – blueberry muffins that are always sold out by the time we get there and really wicked good fresh pasta. All made from homegrown Canadian red fife wheat.

Red Fife 2

Nuala’s baking, with just the best scones ever:


This place! I think it’s called Tibetan Garden, and they serve only Momo Dumplings in beef or veggie:


Momos 2

And finally, the Bus Kitchen Baker, which has a lot of delicious things, but I keep coming back for something called The King Arthur Breakfast – danish pastry with black beans, cheese, and an egg.

Bus Kitchen

Bus Kitchen 2

This barely covers what’s available at the market, and there are a ton of vegan options these days too.



What do you do to combat rainy grey days? Or is that your favourite kind of day? Let me know in the comments!


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