Kensington and the Perfect Vegan Lunch!

Kensington CU 2

It wasn’t even a windy day, but THERE IS NO TAMING THE MANE!

Kensington 1

/ Top, H&M / Pants, Bellerose / Shoes, G.H.Bass /

I love Kensington. I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves Kensington. I spent a lot of my adolescence roaming its vibrant, distracting, incense-scented streets, and have a lot of great memories from here. Anyone else remember Who’s Emma?

^My beau had just shown me ‘the proper way’ to roll up pant cuffs.

Anyway, one of the reasons it’s easy to love the Market is because there is so much good food. Thrift shopping too, sure, but it’s so easy to be drawn in by the ever-changing culinary scene. Something for everyone.

Kensington CU 1

My favourite things to eat here just happen to coalesce into the Perfect Vegan Lunch.

One of the best-kept secrets, I think, in the whole wide world, can be found in the Golden Patty restaurant. A Jamaican + West Indian restaurant/bakery, they do a busy trade with their beef patties, but I’ve been eating their vegan Doubles since I was itty bitty. Chickpea curry on fluffy chickpea patties, just a bit spicy, and they’re like two dollars or something.

Golden Patty

Grab one of those, and then head north to Romeo’s Juice Bar, just off Augusta on Oxford.

Romeos 1

Romeos 2

It’s not on the menu, but just ask for the Avocado Dream! It’s an avocado, banana, and almond milk smoothie. Romeo’s has two tables inside, or you can go to the park to enjoy your feast.

Kensi lunch 1

Kensi Lunch 2

These two things go so well together, I can’t tell you, spicy chickpea balanced out with sweet creamy avocado.

Bunners 2

Bunners 3

Next, Bunner’s Vegan Bakery!! Everything here looks tasty, but I’m a sucker for a frosted cinnamon roll!

Cinnamon Bun

They also have vegan soft-serve. What! Yes they do. I only saw this after I bought my cinnamon roll, so I’ll have to go back.

Bunners 1

Congratulations, you just had the Perfect Vegan Lunch! This means you still have lots of energy to go shopping!


And maybe buy a new pair of sunnies from Jessica’s Season Wear?

Kensi Sunnies 1

Sure, why not.



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