Hungry Like The Wolf On Dundas West!

Wolfie 3

Cool summer days are the best.

Perfect for layering:

Wolfie 4

For boots:

Wolfie 1

And for practicing sultry looks:

Wolfie 2

^That’s the best I could do.

Also, perfect for sandwiches. For years I’ve been hearing and reading rave reviews about Porchetta & Co., which is on this cool little strip on Dundas West.

Porchetta 1

They make these:

Porchetta 3

Porchetta sandwiches. This is the House Special, with cracklin’s, truffle oil, mustard, hot sauce and parmesan. Really, totally worth all the hype. So good. They also have vegetables:

Porchetta 2

We had the rapini as a side, also tasty. But mainly it’s all about the sandwich.

There are a few options for dessert nearby, but I like to stick to the classics:


Caldense 2

I just can’t resist these little Portuguese egg tarts, they’re crispy, crackly, custardy and sweet:

Caldense 3

Those were both for me.



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