Bopping Around Leslieville! Yes, We Sometimes Bop.

Boho 1

I frickin’ love wearing hats. But little known fact about Toronto?

It’s windy as hell! So if you want to wear a hat, you often have to walk around holding it, like so:

Boho 4

Boho 6

Boho 5

/ top, Aerie / pants and sandals, Urban Outfitters / bag, Claire Vivier / earrings, Courage My Love /

Leslieville is a wicked little neighbourhood. It’s never busy, the shopping’s eclectic, and good food isn’t hard to come by. There are a bunch of antiques shops, but Bronze may just be my favourite:

Ronze 1

Where’s the ‘B’? It’s a mystery.

Ronze 2

Ronze 3

It’s a delight to look through, with everything from large furniture pieces to sweet little knick-knacks.

Ronze 4

Across the street you’ll find Good Neighbour, which is just packed with stylish, wearable awesomeness.

Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour 2

They carry the luxe, the local, and the legendary, such as the ultra-popular Herschel brand.

Good Neighbour 4

Good Neighbour 3

And a case full of jewellery and eyewear I’d be happy to take home! It’s really worth a look. It’s one of those places where each and every thing your eye lands on is covetable and unique.

Since we were in the area and I never need an excuse to eat cake, we finally tried out Bobbette & Belle:

Bobbette 1

The shop is just gorgeous, and pretty much made for couples on dates, with cozy chairs and couches and wedding inspiration:

Bobbette 2

But although I really wanted to like it, the cake was a little dry.

Bobbette 4

Maybe it was just the wrong day for salted caramel. If there is such a thing.


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