Be The Rainbow You Wanna See In The World – also, PIZZA!


Colourpop 5

This year I made myself a promise to put more colour into my wardrobe.

Well, mission accomplished.


/ Sweatshirt worn inside-out, California Vintage / Shorts, Billabong / Shoes, Rocket Dog /

Tip of the day: wear your clothes inside-out, and you suddenly have twice as many outfits!


Colourpop 2

Colourpop 6

We’re back in Kensington again, this time to try out a place that is secret to none, Pizzeria Via Mercanti!

We love pizza, so it was high time we stop by the place that continues to top the charts in Toronto.

Pizza Via 1

^Strategic menu study is very important.

We ended up ordering the Arancini and Mozzarella Balls for appetizers, which come in these cute cones:

Pizza Via 2

Pizza Via 3

The Arancini were great, the Mozzarella Balls kind of lacklustre, especially since they come without pomodoro sauce for dipping. But the pizzas:Pizza Via

Pizza Via 4

So damn good. We got the Scarpariello and the Ciambella Ripiena, which has a crust stuffed with soppressata and ricotta.

Pizza Via 5

So good, so fun, my only complaint is that we were too stuffed for dessert, and their tiramisu looks fantastic.

Definite recommend!


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