Treasure Hunting in the Distillery District!

Distillery 2

The Distillery District is a¬†little gem in the city. It’s charming and edgy, drawing you in with its mix of fashion, art, and food.

But I go there mostly for the sausage rolls.

Brick Street

I didn’t even really like sausage rolls until this place got me hooked.

Sausage Roll 1

So buttery!

Brick Street Lemon

Besides The Best Sausage Roll, Brick Street Bakery makes delectable tarts, bread, and sandwiches.

After getting snacks, we took a stroll through the artist’s studios.

Distillery 1

/ Top, H&M / Skirt, Danier / Boots, Timberland /

Mehoi’s is one of my favourites, I got my niece a pair of earrings here for Christmas last year and was seduced by the cheeky little creatures that adorn much of her work.

Mehoi 4

Mehoi 3

Wicked-cute charms, pendants, quirky jewellery, cards, notebooks, et al.

Mehoi 2

Another solid shop is Jessica Rose, it’s a great place for well-constructed basics, and features beautiful designs by Hoi Bo:

Jessica Rose 1

Including the most lustable bags:

Jessica Rose 2

I have my eye on this little beauty!

More to come, there’s just too much good stuff packed into these cobblestone streets for a single post…


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