Treasure Hunting Country Getaway!

Cobourg 1

If you’re willing to drive an hour or two, there are lots of cool places to explore while getting a break from the downtown hustle and bustle.

Cobourg 2

Trying to get that coveted ‘just walking along’ outfit pic. Nope.

This past weekend the minimalist and I went East to Cobourg, mostly to spend some quality time with the family barbecue.

Cobourg 3

I call this look, ‘Business gentleman who forgot to wear pants.’

Cobourg is sweet. It’s main street is lined with cute shops and a theatre, it’s steps to the lake, and there’s a great farmer’s market on Saturdays. But some of the best bits are a little hidden away, like Legacy Vintage:


Stuffed to the gills with antiques and curios for both function and whimsy. It’s organized by category, and my jaw dropped when I rounded a corner to see hundreds of crystal doorknobs or glass lampshades or claw-footed bathtubs all grouped together.

Legacy 1

An awesome place to shop or just hunt for inspiration. I especially loved this hanging bullet fringe detail above one doorway:

Legacy 3

Next we stopped at one of my fave ice cream places in all the land, inside a fairy-tale house and placed right where you need it; next to the beach.

Beach 1

They also have food but I couldn’t tell you what it is, I always go straight for the ice cream:

Beach 2

We can confidently recommend the Crème Brûlée and the Birthday Cake flavours.

Beach 3

This hairstyle is good if you feel like your face has a bad side.

 Conveniently located for after-treat dawdling; the beach!

Beach 4

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