DIY! Glam Trucker Hat!

Hat Diy photo

Yo. So this hat is simpler than simple to make up.

It’s also a great save for any unloved novelty caps you might have sitting around – all you do is cover up the logo with a rhinestone or sequin appliqué and you’ve got some up-top glam that saves your next so-so hair day.


This is all you need: hat, patch or appliqué, thread in two colours, scissors, and a sewing needle.


Once you’ve decided on your placement, use thread of a visible colour to baste the appliqué in place – just make a few stitches in three or four places to keep it still while you’re sewing it on.


See the white stitch on the corner there? That’ll make the going a lot easier.

Then, using thread the same colour as your hat (or any colour!), make small stitches around the edge of the patch, avoiding beads/rhinestones/sequins, to sew your appliqué to the hat. My stitches were spaced about a quarter of an inch apart.


Secure thread, remove basting stitches, and voila! So easy it probably doesn’t need a DIY!

I can see this looking awesome with an even bigger patch, or a bunch of them clustered together with sequins all over the brim – I’m trying to pioneer the way for the Fancy Trucker Hat trend!


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